Top 5 ways to beat the heat while Oklahoma is melting!

It has been a long time since I witnessed a heat wave like we’re experiencing this week in Oklahoma City.  The forecast for today is 106° with humidity somewhere around 300 million percent. That means there’s really no escape.  It’s not like a dry heat where you can get in the shade and capture some […]

Signals or Noise?

Driving to lunch today I was listening to Neil deGrasse Tyson interview Edward Snowden on StarTalk.  One of the topics discussed was signal vs noise.  While studying a particular star, deGrasse Tyson had issues because noise from surrounding stars was interfering with his measurements.  This got me thinking about how to apply the same concept to […]

Summer Reads: The Girl Who Takes and Eye for and Eye

I’m always appalled by people who say “I don’t read.”  I just don’t understand that.  How do you not read?  How is it you don’t have the will to learn something new or challenge your brain?  People who don’t read become Trump voters….as well as TRUMP himself!  That should tell you something right there.  But […]

When yoga goes wrong

Explaining the runner’s high to someone who doesn’t run is difficult.  I equate the feeling to something like being in a dream, completely unconscious, yet the rest of your body and mind understand that you’re running and need to continue that task.  I’ve been running before and been so out of it in the runner’s […]

How to make ramen noodles your b*tch!

Remember those days back in college when you were poor?  I mean really poor!  Well, not booze poor, but food poor!  You would never waste money on food because that would take away from the booze budget.  So you went to the grocery store and bought a case of Top Ramen for $2.65.  It fed you for a […]

Thug Kitchen: ‘Lemon Mint Quinoa’

Quinoa is one of my favorites.  It’s a great base for whatever you want to grill up.  One of my favorite things to do is dig through the fridge for any vegetables on hand and just start grilling/sautéing.   Let the quinoa cook while you’re mixing up the other stuff.  It’s a filling meal and makes […]