How to completely screw up car camping!

Earlier this week I published a post on my trip to Colorado.  The trip wasn’t a backpacking trip.  It was a full blown, car camping, glamping trip.  I took a tent that stood 6’7″ tall so I could stand up to change clothes, a queen sized cot, a queen mattress, side table, and floor mats. […]

Full Moon Bike Ride

For the last several years, I’ve been involved with the Full Moon Bike Ride in Oklahoma City.  The ride happens every month from April through November on each full moon and is hosted by the Myriad Botanical Gardens.  This entire even was designed to support cycling and health in one of the most unhealthy cities […]

Travel: Colorado and the mistakes I made!

Is there anyone that doesn’t love Colorado.? I’m sure those people exist, but honestly, I don’t want to meet those people!  Sure, there are wildfires and traffic is generally bad, but holy gawd, this place is beautiful. My first trip to Colorado was in the late 70s when we would take family camping vacations.  I […]

Here we go again…

Some of you might remember the first time I published this blog.  The content was….well….questionable at the time. This new rendition will not contain those types of posts.  I’m older, grayer, single, and a little crazier now so this little corner of the internet I control will take on a much better tone. I travel […]