Hot Yoga: An Hour in (mostly) Hell


Hot Yoga: An Hour in (mostly) Hell

The last few weeks have been total hell for me.  A serious relationship ended abruptly and it has take a toll on my well-being.  So, I went completely off the deep end and decided I needed to start going to yoga.  You know… get my head in order!

Anyone who knows me knows I absolutely hate yoga.  Oh, I don’t discount the benefits, I just don’t like it at all.  That’s what makes this story so ridiculous!  I not only signed up for a class, I mistakenly signed up for a hot yoga class and, surprise, surprise, came unprepared!

Adi (my friend and instructor): Here’s a towel. Put your stuff in this bin and come in here.  It’s very hot but I’ll put you over here where it’s not as bad.

Me: What do you mean it’s hot? Is this a hot yoga class?

Adi: (surprised) Yes it is!  Did I not tell you that?

Me: No.  I’m completely unprepared. I don’t have clothes to change into after the session and I’m wearing glasses instead of contacts.  They’ll never stay on my sweaty face.  You don’t mind if I bring in a fan, do you?  Is there an outlet nearby?  I have an extension cord in my car.  We can run it under the door, right?

Adi: Give me back the towel and get out of my studio!

I was completely horrified.  I mean, the only thing I hate almost as much as yoga (and country music), is doing yoga in the heat!  What crazy person thought this was a good idea?

Hey, you know what would make this better? Let’s lock a bunch of people in a room and crank up the heat so they sweat balls…..on rubber mats!

Well, I actually tried it and didn’t completely hate it.  It wasn’t fun.  And I suck at it!  But it was tolerable.  And the worst part: I’m writing a check tonight for another two weeks worth of sessions. God help me! I really must be a mess right now.

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