Yoga is teaching me all that is wrong with my body!


Yoga is teaching me all that is wrong with my body!

If you’ve never attempted a yoga class before you’re in for a rude awakening.  I’m a runner, cyclist, and triathlete and thought I was pretty flexible.  But after two weeks of yoga, I’m realizing that my body is not a wonderland!  It’s more like a wasteland.

Believe it or not, I’m actually getting a little bit better.  And when I say a little bit, I mean on a scale of 1-100, I’m a 2….no longer a 1!

However, what’s happening is that I’m realizing I have a long way to go.  I watch the girls in my classes bend in all sorts of amazing positions where I have to use a block or I just plain fall.  The “Yog-oddesses” who teach the classes are amazing though.  The are patient and help me into a lot of the positions, but I still suck.  My body just doesn’t want to bend or hold or stretch in certain ways, at least at this point.

So I’ll keep on going back and trying my hardest because as much as I like to pick on this, I really do feel it’s doing some good.  Slowly…SLOWLY….it’s teaching me to let go of Rebekah and the stresses in my life.  And goddamn it’s hard, but I’m going to keep at it and hopefully find whatever peace I’m searching for.

Feel free to join me at any time.  I promise I won’t fall on you!

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