Christmas in July


Christmas in July

Have you ever wondered what in the heck Santa does during the summer?  Does he sit in his house at the North Pole and drink beer all summer?  Does he hop on the back of a reindeer and fly down to Costa Rica for a coke fueled three months of hookers and tamales?

I really don’t know.  I’d like to think it’s something in between.

In honor of Santa, and because these things are totally fun, I’m hosting what I hope will be an annual Christmas in July on the 14th of July.  Because what better way to celebrate Christmas and Santa than dressing up in Christmas attire and riding/running around your city while drinking alcohol and passing out candy?  Honestly, the fat old man is just an excuse for us to get together and drink.  Like we really need one!

But back to Santa.  Personally, I like to think of Santa sitting on a beach somewhere, belly hanging over his massive red swimsuit, Pina Colada in hand, screaming at the pool boy to rub more sunscreen on his disgustingly hairy back.  Ahhh, good times!  That vision is definitely inspiring my costume this year.


If you are in Oklahoma City on the 14th and feel like taking part in our little event, here are the details:

  • What: Christmas in July Ride/Run/Crawl
  • Where: McNellie’s Pub on N. Walker
  • Time: 1pm
  • Details: We will start at McNellie’s at 1pm and move to the Union, Flashback Retropub, TapWerks, Deep Deuce, and Bleu Garten.
    • Remember, this is a 21 and over event
    • Wear your best “Santa on Vacation” costume
    • Bring candy for the bartenders and other non-participants
    • Bring a great attitude and have fun

Just ask if you have any questions.

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