This is just Impossible (burger)!


This is just Impossible (burger)!

I‘m a cheating vegetarian.  In 2012, I went full on vegetarian then slowly cheated my way back to eating meat over the last year or so.  This was mostly caused by girlfriends who ate meat but in all reality, the weakness was mine!

Lately, I’ve been trying to get back to the vegetarian lifestyle because I just feel like bad.  I have gained weight and I feel sluggish so I need to get back to the healthy diet that made me feel energetic and strong in the first place.

After sitting on a patio yesterday drinking Club Specials for half an afternoon (real healthy, I know), my vegan friend Leslie decided we should walk across the street to a burger joint called Tuckers.  Tuckers serves some amazing burgers and when I was a meat eater, we would go all the time for the turkey burger with grilled onions.  God, I can still smell it!  However, their newest item is the Impossible burger.  I had heard rumblings about this burger for some time but I never took the time to grab one until yesterday.  And…..

Holy freakin’ (fake) cow!  This thing is amazing.

The problem with vegetarian burgers has always been texture.  You just can’t get black beans, soy, or tempeh to hold the texture like real beef.  The Impossible burger changed all that.  This thing actually tastes and feels like a real burger.  Even better, the environmental impact is only something like 10% of actual meat.  Remember, reducing cow farts is a good thing!

While this will be considered a special treat in the future, I will definitely be back to grab another one of these.  I’ve seen them served at a handful of other restaurants around OKC so if you get a chance, grab one.  Even if you’re a meat eater, I guarantee you’ll love this burger.  And it’s so much better for you!

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