My collection of backpacks


My collection of backpacks

I have an addiction to backpacks! I love getting a new backpack, day pack, messenger bag, etc and I have amassed a collection I’ll never, ever use again.

Several weeks ago, we held a garage sale and I parted with about four of them.  Unfortunately, I quickly replaced them with three more.  

However, looking back at recent travel needs, I’ve narrowed it down to a handful of backpacks that fit my needs.  Listed below are the backpacks I use for various events in my life.

This is my daily backpack that holds the MacBook Pro, iPad, camera (Nikon D7200 with two lenses), and various other man-purse needs!  I love that it has loads of space if I need to pack it for a trip too.

I bought this small pack before heading to Colorado this year and I fell in love with it.  My only complaint is hydration. When using a hydration system, the pack loses lots of space.  If you want to put a water bottle in one of the side pouches, it’s not stable.  Twice, strangers retrieved my water bottle to return to me when I didn’t even know it came out.  I just started placing my water bottle inside the pack.

I picked up this pack at the REI store in Colorado Springs earlier this year.  It’s super comfortable for me (for ME…it might not work for YOU!) and holds a boatload of junk.  I will test it out thoroughly this fall when we head to Missouri to bike the Katy Trail.

This backpack ROCKS!!  I did 11 days in Europe last year with only this backpack and it served all my needs.

When I started looking for a travel backpack, I looked at airline restrictions/dimensions for carry-on and overhead bins.  This backpack fit all of them.  The straps all fold into the pack to make it look like a turtle and easily fit into overhead bins.  And the two straps on the shell help cinch down the entire pack.

Unfortunately, Osprey has discontinued this pack for the Farpoint series of backpacks which look just as amazing.

Buying a backpack is a personal decision and the best advice I can give is to try on many different styles and sizes to see what fits you best.  

REI has some great guides as well as and other similar sites.

Have fun on whatever adventure you seek and I’ll see you on the trail!

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