Lawn mowing fashion


Lawn mowing fashion

Last night I came home from work to mow the lawn.  One of my neighbors headed out at the same time to mow his lawn wearing shorts, a tshirt, and flip-flops.  This got me thinking about lawn mowing fashion throughout the years and why some people make certain choices.

When I was in 10th grade, my mother told me I couldn’t go to the state fair (our district had an in-service day so we got the day off to go to the fair while the teachers had to work) until I mowed the lawn.  Being the lazy teenager I was, I blew it off until I got home that evening.  My mother told me to get out there and mow the lawn before dinner.  So I headed out in nothing but a pair of shorts; barefoot, no shirt, just shorts!

The pull-cord on our edger was broken so my dad removed the cover and rigged the thing so we could start it.  Being the dumbass kid I was, I placed my bare foot on top of the front wheel and pulled the modified cord to start the edger.  As the flywheel spun, my foot rolled back into it and the carnage ensued!  I took a huge chunk out of the top of my foot.  Doctors were talking about plastic surgery to repair it and I was laid up for weeks on end then on crutches for about a month.

This all came back to me while watching my neighbor wear only flip-flops.  I also started to think about some of the people in the neighborhood where I grew up in far north Oklahoma City.  I would watch men come home from work and mow the lawn in their undershirt, shorts, dress socks, and dress shoes.  

What would possess someone to mow the lawn in an outfit like that.  Did he decide he didn’t didn’t want to mess up his suit, but hey, screw those shoes!  Actually, it would have been even better if he wore boxers instead of shorts.  If you’re going for the look, go all the way.

I completely understand the guy who wears a mask and long sleeves though.  I have seasonal allergies and mowing the lawn can be torture at times.

Honestly, I think the only people who have it right are the guys who work for the lawn mowing companies.  They wear long sleeves, pants, heavy duty shoes, and some type of cover for their head and sometimes face.  Yes, it’s brutally hot, but their skin isn’t baking in the sun all day long.  I feel sorry for their laundry bill though!

Personally, I wear a tech shirt (gotta wick away that moisture), shorts, and some old hiking shoes.  I always wear gloves.  ALWAYS!  Why?  Because I’m a prissy little girl of a man and hate to get my hands dirty.  True story.


See you next week….in my front yard!

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