When yoga goes wrong


When yoga goes wrong

Explaining the runner’s high to someone who doesn’t run is difficult.  I equate the feeling to something like being in a dream, completely unconscious, yet the rest of your body and mind understand that you’re running and need to continue that task.  I’ve been running before and been so out of it in the runner’s high I was actually shocked when I came out of it and had to gather my bearings.  

I know!  It seems weird but it’s what most runners are trying to achieve.  You want that high.  

Yoga is a little bit of the same.  After yoga, if you’ve achieved the high, you kind of feel this weirdly lethargic sense that’s not quite drunk/high but rather a strange relaxation.  Not everyone gets there and even people who do get there don’t get there every time they practice.

Last night was the first time I went in the opposite direction and just felt like hell.  My yogi was amazing, as always, and the class wasn’t too difficult.  I could complete about 95% of the poses.  But I never got my breathing in sync and it became a chore about fifteen minutes into the class; I never recovered.

Everyone has good and bad days.  If I have a bad run, I say that sucked and move on.  

The problem with bad yoga is that the exercise itself is so mental and emotionally observant that when you have a bad session it tends to stick with you.  It took me probably 2 hours to get my head right after that practice.

I’ve been using this practice to get rid of the depression and bad thoughts swirling around my head.  And before every session, Amber and Rachael tell us to set a goal or release or figure out what we want out of the session.  I always think about releasing thoughts I am holding onto that I need to dump.  But my ex-wife brought up a great point.  She told me to start thinking about a good part of life or situation instead of just trying to release all the time.

And maybe that was the problem last night.  My fucked up head was just plain tired of trying to let go of the baggage and needed something good to work with.

I head back on Thursday.  And depending on my mood, I’ll try to think about the positive aspects of life and maybe what I’m thankful for before we start.  Then again, if it sucks again, I’m heading to a craft brew showcase that night so I’ll just drink those bad thoughts away! 

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