Signals or Noise?

Driving to lunch today I was listening to Neil deGrasse Tyson interview Edward Snowden on StarTalk.  One of the topics discussed was signal vs noise.  While studying a particular star, deGrasse Tyson had issues because noise from surrounding stars was interfering with his measurements.  This got me thinking about how to apply the same concept to my head!  Sometimes you just can’t get the signal right because of the noise.  And that concept creates all sorts of bad readings; depression, anxiety, impatience, etc.

Obviously we can’t, nor should we, discard all the noise in our head; sometimes the noise is good.  But in my opinion, knowing the difference is a giant leap towards living a better and happier life.  So much is floating around our heads today, it’s hard to distinguish the signals from the noise.  

Noise is a good thing.  Seriously! The noise in my head ranges from book ideas to songs to travel or amazing moments I want to create in my life.  I believe controlling the noise is what makes a musician, artist, or actor the success they are.  They have the ability to harness the noise and get it out of their heads into a cohesive form.  Those of us who can’t, well, obviously we aren’t superstars, are we?

I had a bad yoga class on Tuesday.  I just couldn’t get my head in it because of the noise and that created breathing problems which made for a bad experience.  After much advice from my yogi and the ex-wife, I finally figured out that every practice doesn’t have to be about dumping the noise from your life.  Sometimes it’s about embracing the good and rolling with it!  And tonight that’s exactly what I did and it worked.  

I had a great lunch with a beautiful friend that just set the tone for the rest of the day.  So I decided to focus on that, and holy shit, it worked!  Who would have figured that being positive actually works.  (no shit!)

So what’s the lesson here?  Sometimes you just have to create your own personal type of noise to make the signals work!

I know, you’re freaking out right now because this is coming from me…..ME!  Mr. Negative!  Well, I guess something just finally clicked and turned me the other way.  Let’s hope this sticks.  Let’s hope my signal to noise ratio is turning into more signal and less noise.

And if not, I guess I’ll just have another drink and try something else.  Anybody know how to crunk?  


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