The Bosch Series


The Bosch Series

A couple of years ago, my father introduced me to a new series on Amazon Prime called Bosch.  The television series is set on a book series by Michael Connelly.  There are 21 in the series and the first season of the TV show sort of starts in the middle, taking some liberties with multiple storylines from multiple books.  

I’m usually not interested in crime drama/police books because most are generic and formulaic.  And while this is certainly somewhat true of the Bosch series, it stands apart because of the depth of the characters and the mystery behind the plot lines.  Connelly has developed a character with many intriguing flaws, not just a typical cop you want to root for.  That’s what makes this series worth watching.

Most often, the books are far superior to the movie or series.  But in this case, creators Connelly and Eric Ellis Overmyer have successfully produced an onscreen presentation that outshines the books.  Other than the Harry Potter series, this has been the only time I’ve actually gone back to read the books after watching the movie/series.  It’s really that good.

After reading the 17th book in the series, I was hooked.  I got on Amazon and ordered the first three in the series to get some background into Harry Bosch.  I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised and will keep on reading the books as long as Connelly keep pumping them out.

All but the last book is in paperback and inexpensive.  So, get out there and buy a couple.  I promise, these are great summer reads you can plow through and be easily entertained.

You can get the first three books in a single volume…

If you’re interested in the Prime series first, head on over and watch the pilot. You’ll love it!

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