Fridays at Anthem are a mainstay for us.

Fridays were made for beer, Saturdays for yoga and beer!

I can’t believe I’m talking about spending my weekends attending yoga classes!  Just six months ago I hated this practice and wanted nothing to do with it.  Now I’m heading to three or four classes a week and loving almost every minute of it.

About a week ago, a friend texted me while I was in a state of inebriation and asked suckered me into attending a yoga and beer practice at a local brew house in Edmond, OK.  Because I already had a couple of drinks and I rarely get to spend time with her, I agreed and immediately paid my $20 to attend the class the next Saturday.  

I won’t go into details because the description is exactly like it sounds.  You do yoga then get a ticket for a great craft beer.  As an added bonus, we were indoors instead of outside in 100º heat!  Yep, Oklahoma City hit 106º yesterday and was approaching 100º when we started the class.  I now know what hell is.  Add in some country music and a few bible versus and I’d truly be there! 

The whole thing went really well.  It was slightly crowded, but everyone was cordial and we all had fun.  I really have to thank Yoga Theorem for a great class that was lighthearted and fun.  And as a bonus, one of the owners brought her dog, Peanut, to make the class even better.

It was just what I needed and I had a great time with my friend.


Fridays at Anthem are a mainstay for us.

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