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The Weekend…in pictures

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  Oklahoma is still in the grips of summer heat and humidity so it’s pretty miserable here.  We’re getting a small break early this week, but it looks like it’s right back to the horrible heat and humidity as the week goes on!  

I’m really looking forward to my Taos trip over Labor Day weekend to get a little relief from this weather.

Regardless of the heat, I had a fun weekend of yoga and baseball. 

Things started out Saturday morning at Prairie Artisan Ales where we did another yoga and beer session with my favorite yogi, Amber.  These Saturday morning sessions are much more relaxed and not quite as serious as my regular sessions during the week.  It’s kind of like your cheat day while dieting.  Get serious about it during the week and have fun on the weekends….but make sure you go right back to the serious stuff during the week!  Because the classes are a little easier and geared more towards all levels, it’s just a nice break from a long, stressful week.  And the best part is getting a beer after practice!

I’m not a huge fan of Prairie, but I did have a wonderful hazy IPA called Color Block.  The IPA was infused with vanilla and orange and was pretty tasty.  I do believe it’s a limited release so you better hurry!  

Saturday evening I took my friend Leslie to see the OKC Dodgers baseball game.  All she wanted was shitty nachos!  I seriously gave her a choice between baseball and shitty nachos or no baseball and good nachos….she chose the game!  We both agreed that the nachos were terrible but we had a few beers and enjoyed each other’s company.  It was nice to just sit down and talk to her.  She’s a busy girl and it’s tough as hell to get time with her.  

We stayed until the 3rd inning when we decided it would be nicer to sit on the patio at Louie’s Lakeside and watch the sunset.  Plus, she needed to be home early to get up and run 14 miles the next morning in the rain and I promised to have her home by 10pm.

Anyway, I hope you guys had a great weekend and stayed cool!  This coming weekend I’m working the 2018 Spring Canoe Kayak Nationals here in Oklahoma City.  Apparently I’m driving a boat.  I’ve been told they’ll train me.  I’m not sure they know what they’re getting into with me in a boat. 

Oh, does anyone have some skis I can borrow?

 Doh! You're missin' the image!

Doh! You're missin' the image!

Doh! You're missin' the image!

Doh! You're missin' the image!

Doh! You're missin' the image!
 And one last thing….

Head over to Elemental for the vegan tacos!  Amazeballs!

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