Hiking the Chickasaw National Recreation Area


Hiking the Chickasaw National Recreation Area

Nothing like spending a brutally hot and humid Sunday afternoon with a good friend, a hike, and a swimming hole!

In 2019, I plan on heading out to a multi-day hiking and backpacking excursion somewhere in the mountains.  I’m not sure where yet, but it will probably be Colorado or New Mexico.  Since I’m not very experienced in backpacking, I asked my friend Kristy (who owns Urban Teahouse) to come with me to the Chickasaw National Recreation Area in south central Oklahoma so I could start training with a loaded pack. 

The recreation area is a really great place to hike, camp, and just relax.  While I would never camp in this heat and humidity, I will hike through the heat because in this case, I knew there was a cold swim afterwards.

We did the 3.2 mile Bison loop.  And while this sounds short, well, it actually is!  But, with a 20 lb pack and no experience, this was a good start!  There are loads of trails in the park and we will definitely go back when we can hike longer stretches and camp.

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