Oh what a weekend!


Oh what a weekend!

Twenty years ago, Oklahoma City was just trying to figure itself out and grow up a little.  The city was kind of stuck in adolescence and couldn’t  break out to puberty, teens, or adulthood.


There just wasn’t much to do in this city.  But it was definitely moving in the right direction.


All grown up with a new hipster wardrobe, an NBA team, and big city problems, the city is now livable.  Sprawl is now moving inwards.  From downtown to midtown to previously sketchy  areas are now the place to be!  Never mind the insane politicians, bat-shit crazy religious ideologies, and weather that is as unpredictable as the flip of a coin.  According to some studies, religion is actually on its way out (slowly…very, very slowly) and as much as the politicians try to go against the will of the people, the people are actually taking up figurative arms and battling for positive change to bring OKC into the 21st century.


This all leads me to last weekend.  Twenty years ago, last weekend never would have taken place.  Dinner and drinks at a beautiful new trendy bar/restaurant in the Paseo, a yoga class at a local brewery, coffee shops not named Starbucks, and rainy Sunday afternoons sitting on the patio of a bar that used to be a run down gas station meeting crazy new friends high on life….and other illegal substances.


While others might read this and say, “You are so behind the times! We’ve had that for years,” well, we haven’t had that for years in this city.  This city was largely the stone age for decades.


But that has all changed!

I love this place even though it’s a little over priced.  It’s not a place I can sit all night or I’d need a small business loan to pay my tab, but an afternoon of day drinking with some great friends was just what I needed on Friday.  

Saturday Yoga at Prairie Artisan Ales

This is the second time I’ve attended Amber’s yoga class at Prairie.  I love these Saturday morning classes because I seem to relax a little more and not take it so seriously like I do during the week.  This is a fun release and it’s nice to grab a beer afterwards.  This week I hung out with a Amber and a few of the attendees for lunch and had a great time meeting new people.  

A fun group at Prairie. Come join us!

The Pump is an old converted gas station on the south end of the Paseo Arts District.  It has a reputation for having one of the best patios in the city….and the worst service in the city…just slightly better than Picasso Cafe, but that’s another rant for another day.


Luci and I met there for a drink and ended up meeting a group of girls out doing the same thing.  However, I do believe they were way ahead of us!  


They girls decided they wanted to ride the new Bird scooters, and, well, just look at the pics!

What a fun weekend!  Spend too much, drink too much, meet new people.

There’s a beautiful Dave Matthew lyric from the song Best of What’s Around that goes…

Turns out it’s not where, but who you’re with, that really matters.

That couldn’t be more true!

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