Labor Day Weekend in Taos


Labor Day Weekend in Taos

There's nothing like spending time in the mountains and Taos has it all!

Over the last couple of years, I’ve visited Taos a handful of times.  I have friends who live there and that makes it an easy destination to visit.  And there’s just so much to do in the surrounding area, you never get bored.

The weekend was filled with a nice hike, great food, great friends, and some exploring around the area.  I took plenty of pictures so we’ll get right into it!

David and Katie live outside Taos where there’s no distraction from the city lights.  You can imagine how amazing this is sitting on their patio.

We missed out on Wheeler peak because the weather was a little sketchy and we weren’t prepared.  Besides that, it would have completely killed me!  I was not prepared for the elevation of even this simple hike to the lake.  It was only 1000 feet of elevation gain in 2 miles.  

David stayed home with their toddler, River, so Matt, Katie and I could head out for this great hike.  The payoff is the beautiful Williams Lake.  Once you come into the lake, the views up above are just stunning.

After the hike, we headed back to David and Katie’s house for a great dinner and the start of college football season!

Sunday we decided to head over to Angel Fire for a mountain bike race on the mountain.  Unfortunately, spectators couldn’t get up close so we didn’t really see anything.  But, there’s a small skills park so Matt and his son Marshal decided to head over to ride a little.

And we took the long way home through Red River…

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