What would happen if the belly button wasn’t closed?

You are totally missing a great pic of a belly button!

I love messing with people. Watching them laugh and squirm is just priceless.  Yesterday afternoon, my friend, let’s call her “Wanda” to protect the innocent, was partially complaining about a long meeting she had to attend in the afternoon.  I know Wanda.  I know she’ll check her phone every once in a while because, seriously, […]

Mayonnaise Ice Cream…seriously!

I think we can all agree that the world, especially this country, is in a bad place right now.  A science denying, lying, orange hair, nightmare is in the White House.  Global warming is wreaking havoc on the planet.  We’ve been overrun by Russians!  And some lunatic in Scotland just ruined the last thing great […]

Like an Adult Coloring Book

You know what’s fun as shit?  Coloring stuff as an adult.  There’s a reason adult coloring books are so popular right now; it’s relaxing and fun to do. Some years ago, my mother got into scrapbooking and stamping.  Now she’s a nationally published stamper and has a collection that would make Martha Stewart jealous.   Every […]