Yoga for Depression

If you’ve read my other posts on my yoga experience, you know I’m doing this to try to get through the depression of a sudden breakup.  Anyone who has been through something like this completely understands.  Things suck, life sucks, blah, blah, blah…..and you can’t stop it! Instead of spending shitloads of money on a therapist, […]

My collection of backpacks

I have an addiction to backpacks! I love getting a new backpack, day pack, messenger bag, etc and I have amassed a collection I’ll never, ever use again. Several weeks ago, we held a garage sale and I parted with about four of them.  Unfortunately, I quickly replaced them with three more.   However, looking back […]

What’s in a (my) name?

Starbucks Barista: Can I get a name for your drink? Me: Sean. SB: How do you spell that? Me: The correct way! I actually had this conversation with a barista one time at a Starbucks in Oklahoma City.  The barista laughed and finally said, “S-E-A-N?”   Bingo! I’ve don’t understand why they ask how to spell […]

Thug Kitchen: ‘Spiced Chickpea Wraps with Tahini Dressing’

WARNING: explicit language follows! This is the first of about fifteen recipes from the original Thug Kitchen cookbook. Originally I thought I would make the recipe as written. But over the years, my friend Adi taught me to disregard the spice measurements and always double the written quantity. It has always worked out well (although, […]