Signals or Noise?

Driving to lunch today I was listening to Neil deGrasse Tyson interview Edward Snowden on StarTalk.  One of the topics discussed was signal vs noise.  While studying a particular star, deGrasse Tyson had issues because noise from surrounding stars was interfering with his measurements.  This got me thinking about how to apply the same concept to […]

When yoga goes wrong

Explaining the runner’s high to someone who doesn’t run is difficult.  I equate the feeling to something like being in a dream, completely unconscious, yet the rest of your body and mind understand that you’re running and need to continue that task.  I’ve been running before and been so out of it in the runner’s […]

Yoga for Depression

If you’ve read my other posts on my yoga experience, you know I’m doing this to try to get through the depression of a sudden breakup.  Anyone who has been through something like this completely understands.  Things suck, life sucks, blah, blah, blah…..and you can’t stop it! Instead of spending shitloads of money on a therapist, […]